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Docu | donderdag 18 jan 20:30 - 23:00

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Helaas gaat de masterclass niet door in verband met te weinig aanmeldingen. Degenen die zich al hebben ingeschreven krijgen hun geld terug.
De screening gaat wel door, die begint om 20.30 uur, deuren open om 20.15 uur.
De toegang voor de screening is gratis, een kleine bijdrage van € 3,50 is welkom.
On Thursday January the 18th we have a special event for you!
At 20.30 ( doors open at 20:15 )  there is a screening of a special documentary : 
A very personal and touching story, which provides a fascinating insight into a forgotten chapter of our European history.
We reveal very little about the content.
Please come and get surprised. 
You won’t regret it.
Some short words about the movie, to tickle your curiosity:
In the media we are over-exposed to the idea that traveling is a path to fulfillment, well-being and great life. We hardly come across a program that would give a different notion, namely finding deep fulfillment in our immediate surrounding. This movie is an alternative to this trend.
The movie makes you think about how events can shape feelings that are given over from generation to generation. 
A reflection on the notion of home’. What creates home and where is it: is it a place, people, memories? 
The evening will end around 22:45, and our host and moderator will be Thijs Launspach.
The costs:
For the screening we charge no entrance, but we would welcome a small contribution of €3,50.


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