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muziek | donderdag 29 sep 20:30 - 22:30

Pletterij Impro Sessies – Karen Willems & Bart Desmet

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De Pletterij Impro-Sessie avonden worden samengesteld door een gastmusicus die andere kunstenaars/musici uitnodigt. Ook bedenkt hij of zij het concept van de avond. Vanavond Karen Willems & Bart Desmet.

Karen Willems and Bart Desmet are no strangers to each other. Both artists, with strong ties to Consouling sounds, are at the top of their game, with Willems (also Inwolves) as one of the best drummers Belgium has ever produced and Bart being the master sound crafter he is. Willems and Desmet already collaborated on a special tape release (a three-way split/collab between Karen Willems, BARST and Innerwoud) in summer of 2015. A further collaboration was set in stone, as both artists truly hit it off creatively. There’s just something about Willems’s percussive style and Bart’s approach to his guitar that makes sense and sends sparks flying. So after a first introduction to each other in 2015, the summer of 2016 will put both artists in the limelight to create some live free improv sparks.

Toegang: vrijwillige bijdrage.

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